Felt Flower Hair Clips

July 5, 2012

I recently made some hair clips for Mara and shared the instructions at Dotcoms for Moms.

Grow Where You are Planted

June 29, 2012

Mara sprouted some brand new teeth and I can’t help sharing. They’re barely visible, but trust me as a nursing mom — they are present and they are cute. Kee-yute. And I love the way babes eat. Not too many humans can get away with spitting sweet potato in your face or throwing that leg up on the table like a boss.

Unrelated, today marks exactly one year since we’ve made our cross-country move. We’ve come a long way from those first few weeks, now having beds and hot water and all. And despite my resistance and myopia, we’ve carved out a home for ourselves. It has been a year filled with joy, doubt, uncertainties, and vulnerabilities, but when I pause and step back for a look, I see that it is all trending positive.

My 7 Month Old Girl

June 15, 2012

Observing the sibling dynamic in our home has been fascinating. While the boys are hot and cold with one another, they are dependably sweet and affectionate with their sis. And in turn, Mara is enamored with them. And giggly and accepting of their weirdness, which is important to establish because it won’t be long before she has weird teenage brothers.

Can you believe I finally taught the boys the correct terminology for female anatomy just a couple weeks ago? For the longest time, they had questioned the whereabouts of Mara’s boyhood. I’d gloss over with something cutesy sounding because my kids are exhibitionists and like to write “BUTT” in chalk all over our patio. I just didn’t trust them with something as exotic sounding as vahhhgina. But one day I caved, tired of misleading my own children, and Kai responded perfectly with “Oh! Well, Mara must be partly from China then, because she has a paCHINA!” So many teaching opportunities as a mother, right? It never ends.

Six Months

May 30, 2012

Mara 6 Mos Kissy

Mara 6 Mos Foot

My silly, clever, and beautiful baby girl turned 6 months last week.
Her life is one big “choose your own adventure.”

Cardboard Houses

May 18, 2012

Update Aug 10, 2012: I recently constructed a collapsible version of this house. Just in case you don’t want a huge box sitting in your living room 24/7!

Creative, bleary-eyed endeavors this week mostly happened on the computer but I did squeeze in this cardboard house project. I made a large house for the boys a couple weeks ago and thought a little version for Mara would be cute, so cute. Now why in the world would I want to put my baby in what is essentially a cardboard doghouse? Mara has been seeking out small and low spaces as of late (chairs, tables, my desk, my skirt!) and I wanted to give her a cozy crawl and play space where she wouldn’t bump her head or get stuck. I tossed in a some of Mara’s greatest hits along with her quilt that she loves to snuggle with.

This is a really straightforward and simple project, but I put together directions below. All you need are: one full-size box, another box or partial box (you need this extra piece of scrap cardboard to construct the roof), duct tape, and a craft or utility knife. Click to download a printable PDF of the instructions below.

If you don’t like the triangular opening in the back that the roof makes, lay the house down on its backside, trace the triangle onto another piece of cardboard, cut out, then attach with tape (I did this with our large house). Add a ‘trim’ around the edges with more tape. And almost forgot to add instructions for the window on the big house above. With duct tape, make a cross, then box it off with four strips of tape. With craft or utility knife, cut out the four squares inside the window ‘panes.’

Bright duct tape seems to be a popular medium. If you haven’t already, you should check out Mer’s Animal Masks and Caroline’s Duct Tape Bag. So far I’ve seen neon duct tape at the craft store and Walmart and Target (in the home improvement or painting section).

Please note that this tutorial and download is free for personal use only and should not be distributed/republished without the express consent of Jennifer Kirk. Please do not copy this post or use my tutorial for commercial purposes. Feel free to email me with any questions. Thank you!