March Peeks

February 20, 2013

The blog has been super quiet lately, but I’ve been crafting and making as usual! Above are a couple of projects I recently finished.

And one of the most surprising emails landed in my inbox this morning: I’ve made Babble’s Top 50 Mom Craft Blogs of 2013 and named #1 DIY Blog! I’m still processing this and my face MAY be on fire (from delight? excitement? disbelief? All of the above.) Even more awesome, I’m sandwiched between two blog crushes on the overall list, Mer Mag and Hellobee. So excited I just can’t even. I’m going to sign off now to squee quietly behind my hands (baby sleeping), do a few jumps and eat some celebratory frozen Thin Mints. Thank you SO much for reading this blog and following over the years!

Hellobee Contribution: Insta Magnets

February 19, 2013

I recently made a couple of Instagram puzzles for my little tornado of a daughter recently. Speaking of puzzles, Mara had mixed up five different sets while I was working on dinner last night. I don’t even think you have to be a neat freak to feel sick over a mess like that. My saving grace: kid puzzles are made up of giant pieces. Can you imagine if it were some 2,000 piece puzzle set of Monet’s water lilies tossed together with a bit of Dogs Playing Cards? Can you imagine?

The square puzzle pieces also double as pretty fridge magnets. You can find my full tutorial at Hellobee.

Playing and Making

January 20, 2013

Keeping busy this month by playing in puddles…

…making art… {idea for dragon}

…and programming video games. His first!

DIY Hanging Boxwood Pendant

December 19, 2012

Since my plywood Christmas tree project earlier this month, I’ve been on a bit of wood kick. Here is my latest contribution for Project Wedding; hanging modern pendants filled with fresh boxwood and a few sprigs of cheerful flowers. A grouping of these in varying sizes over a table setting would look cool, mixing minimalism with botanica.


Gift Tag Printable and Wood Star Charm DIY

November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving week was a doozy in that I came down with the vilest, most tenacious flu of my life. As if running a 102° temperature for days wasn’t enough to contend with, my husband was gone — GONE! — for work. So it was just me, my little cocoon of feverish misery, and three kids to take care of. It was awful with a capital, bolded, underlined A, especially since poor Mara also had the flu and needed to be held and cuddled for most of her waking hours. Fortunately, her case was mild and she bounced back after a matter of days. +1 for nursing! I, however, am STILL recovering and have been on bedrest for much of the week. I think I’ve been operating on too little sleep and too much stress for so long, my body just threw in the towel at the slightest whiff of illness and said “Done! Quitting temporarily!”

With that said, I came on just to quickly share my latest project I worked on for Dotcoms for Moms (which I had finished before I came down with the plague of 2012). Click over to download printable gift tags and for super easy instructions on adding wooden star charms to your gift wrap. And lastly, forgive me for getting all stranger-bossypants on you, but avoid needless suffering and get your flu shot!