new design: little notecards

November 6, 2008

creative outlet of the moment

November 3, 2008

Last night, I put together the bare bones of our outgoing Christmas card for 08. My goal is to integrate a variety of modern, non-frilly (per Ryan’s request) textures. Hand-drawn elements, grosgrain and satin ribbons, and Eames paper — paper so delicious…I can almost eat it.

And totally, completely unrelated, but why, oh why did I not register for an absentee ballot? During the primary election, I was gung-ho about bringing the boys to the polls so they could witness democracy in action.” At the voting place, things went awry very quickly, and the poll workers ended up witnessing stupidity in action (and why those voting booths are rickety enough to be brought down by a toddler is beyond me). Ah well. At least we’ll get ‘I Voted’ stickers again and look cute.

mood enhancer

October 29, 2008

I feel happier just looking at these amazing images by Courtney Brooke.

the dilly-o on our holiday cards and baby announcements

October 21, 2008

Is that we’re closing down that portion of the store permanently. It was a fun endeavor!

I like type. I like numbers. Therefore, I like calendars.

October 16, 2008

Gorgeous 2009 calendar by Good On Paper.

Magnetic calendar. Via Smashing Magazine.

And the ubiquitous Helvetica in a tidy calendar. (Bummer, no 2009s available.)