Relief Society Party

March 17, 2009

I like it when our church activities including clean-up — end before 9. Having the ladies decorate their own tables (and even bring a cake) showcased their creativity and made for a very eclectic, but snappy party. Again, home by 9. And I’m on the committee. Some of you know what I’m saying.

I teamed up with my friends Lynette and Angela to put together an Asian-themed table. We were originally going to implement some sort of Paris look. Think black and white. Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face with her glorious balloons. But at 6pm last night, we threw that idea out in favor of an Asian theme (uhhh, two of us are Asian after all…) We gathered inspiration from this Martha Stewart Kids party and literally spent the whole day putting it together.

So I think I got off easy by making just the cake. Angela procured candies, paper, and made the beautiful origami flowers while Lynette spent the entire day going from store, to store, to store, shopping for all the little details. By the time I came with the cake, the two were nearly finished with the table. Again, this was all pulled off today. And both ladies have two little children. My friends are amazing.

One last thing. I was very happy at how this frosting turned out. And also this whipped cream frosting. Both from Cafe Johnsonia.

Relief Society Birthday Invitations

March 8, 2009

Lots of pretty pink envelopes were handed out today in church. Because pink is synonymous with Relief Society. Or is that just crazy talk in my head?

Here are my small-budget invitations for our upcoming RS birthday party. In an attempt to fancy up my painfully simple invitations, I scored these envelopes at Borders where they were ringing up at the register at $1.00 per pack of 8 (obviously some type of mistake and obviously something I took advantage of) and designed mock mailing labels to go on the envelope face.

I wish I can share what we’re doing exactly for the party, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise for the few ladies in my ward that occasionally visit my blog. But the theme is decidedly very “birthday.” Meaning games, cakes, balloons, decorations… I love parties.

Relief Society Christmas Party Invites

December 7, 2008

Without getting into how long I procrastinated these and how late I stayed up last night putting fifty of these together (cutting paper down from parent sheets by hand really bites), here are the invitations I designed for this year’s Relief Society Christmas dinner.

Our RS President wanted the focus to be more spiritual than feast. Dinner involved a salad, and different types of soups served in bread bowls (play off the ‘Bread of Life’ theme). As appetizers, we had spinach dip (also in bread bowls) already set out on the tables. Having this dinner at a sister’s home made for an intimate evening. Dessert was peppermint ice cream pie.

(Nativity illustration from iStockphoto)

Update November 2012: While I don’t offer my invitations as a free download, I do customization for a small fee. For $10, I will send you a printable PDF of the file along with an 8.5″ x 11″ poster version for display purposes. Please contact me via email if interested. Thank you!

Update 11/27/2012: I apologize that I’m not taking on any additional invitation requests for the month of December as I’ve been extremely ill. Sorry for the inconvenience!

This Week’s Projects: Done

August 9, 2008

That blog-cation was short-lived, no? I finished off a couple projects this week, so I can breathe a sigh of relief for the time being — and blog.

Ultra-simple announcement done for church. Our Enrichment supervisor wanted to incorporate a silhouette of Emma Smith, so I thought it’d be fun to balance the old, vintage feeling of a profile with a modern, graphic patterned background inspired by:

Dwell Studio Pillow
{Dwell Studio}

{Photo via DesignSponge}

Hot off the (inkjet) press

August 1, 2008

These came out handsome-looking. Oftentimes, when I feel overwhelmed by a huge load of projects (especially church ones) and I am plagued with designer’s block, I recall the scripture:

“Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings,
and he shall direct thee for good…”

(Alma 37:37)