Lazy Day Art

June 27, 2013

Paper Art

Only three weeks into summer break, and I’m already running out of activities for the kids. Help! We have some road trips planned for later this summer, but we’ve done nearly everything there is to do locally short of playing in the trees (saving that for my birthday!) and I’ve also exhausted anything of interest to the boys on my ‘potential activities to do with the kids’ Pinterest board.

A lazy day at home and bored (eg. messy and cranky) kids spurred me to think of an easy craft with a satisfying payout, because projects with a longer prep and clean-up time than the actual project itself are a complete buzz kill. Painting with the kids, for example, equals…panic attack!!! Or is that just me?

Paper Art

But paper! Yes. Cut into tidy geometric shapes with a paper cutter and paper punch. That is something I can handle while my toddler tears apart the kitchen (typically Tupperware, cooking utensils, and occassionally a bag of marshmallows because of big bro’s forgetfulness). Armed with glue sticks, glue dots, and these cute inspirational postcards that came with my latest Birchbox package, the boys set to work designing their own cities out of the shapes I prepared for them.

Paper Art

Paper Art

I find that my kids are more invested and engaged in their projects if they have an example to loosely follow and be inspired by.

Paper Art

Paper Art

Paper Art

I think their artwork turned out awesome. They must have thought so too because they’d stop and admire their work every so often.


And not at all related, but three necklaces, stickers down her arm AND pigtails warrants pictorial evidence. My heart explodes.

Merry Christmas!

December 21, 2012

Wishing you peace, joy, and happiness! However you celebrate the holidays, I hope you travel safely and have a wonderful time with loved ones. See you in the new year!

(Above pics are from an impromptu trip down to Charleston, SC where we finally reunited with the ocean and had an amazing time! And I guess I’m not above using the same graphic as last year. *red with embarassment* Time ran out quick this month! Another rushed card from 2010, card from 2008, and an oldie from 2006)

It’s the great pumpkin patch!

October 21, 2012

“Gurrrrl…I’ve got this pumpkin.”

A weekend of fall activities and camping was exactly what our family needed this weekend. It felt so good to break out from my usual stay-at-home routine of, well, staying home all the time. Lately I’ve been getting so hung up in the insignificant details of parenthood and somewhere along the line I’ve become a mixed bag of boring and stress (never know what you’re gonna get!). But the kids’ excitement over corn mazes, pumpkins and anything Halloween has been so infectious and uncontainable, there has been plenty of enthusiasm (to put it lightly) to go around. Speaking of excitement, the boys deviated from conventional orange and picked out white pumpkins this year. Rebels.


Update: Congrats to Erin and Kelli for winning the Tad Carpenter giveaway!

Summer is Out for School

August 26, 2012

I tried a ponytail on Mara the other day and just about died from cuteness sensory overload. The five minutes of cajoling and chasing and trying to clip her hair just-so was totally worth it. My fun girl also turned 9 mos recently AND took her first steps. For the most part, she is a very happy crawler and is taking her time with walking. GREAT. It’s the climbing that’s nerve-wracking for me.

When I’m not chasing Mara down or recovering from my efforts (baby = exhaustion), I still try to work on projects with the boys. The latest is this very cool bow and arrow DIY. Do you like the quiver DIY by my kids? Step 1: Slide arrow down the back of your shirt.

We took our “archery gear” to the park on Saturday, and I’m not kidding you, kids flocked to us like we were the Pied Piper but without lute music and deaths. As non-threatening as we were, it felt like we were babysitting stranger’s kids while they enjoyed their bbq because where were the parents?! The kids were very sweet and polite, but preschool young…and without parents! And it was a big playground. At one point (the point when I started to smell bbq seafood) I half-jokingly asked one of the kids to grab me a plate of food. No dice, because he told me to get my own food, ha.

Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride

July 16, 2012

Happy eight months Mara!