Happy Halloween!

November 1, 2013




Among other happenings this month, we celebrated both boys’ birthdays (a combined Minecraft and Lego Chima party with 10+ boys), I began a new part-time design job that I just love (which also means our first foray into daycare/school — slightly nerve-racking and heartbreaking), and started watching some show called Breaking Bad. Have you heard of it?

We finished off October with an Alice-in-Zombieland-with-Wolverine-to-the-rescue family theme for Halloween. My very large Hat with a capital ‘H’ will knock out anyone within a 5-mile radius, but it is the maddest and raddest. As for loot, the kids made out good as usual, but are still detoxing 24 hours later from candy overload (as usual). And doesn’t Mara make the cutest little Alice? I’m still dying over her Olivia costume from last year.

Now on to things crafty; I have some big projects I’ll be sharing soon! Here are some purposefully-cryptic images as a teaser.


Winter’s been a long time passing

March 31, 2013


Can’t possibly be any happier to find Easter eggs filled with candy and money.



Can’t possibly be any more thrilled to stop for a photo.


As Kai would put it, Easter weekend was epic (his word du jour). Grandma Kirk visited from California earlier this week, followed by a visit from Lola and Lolo who went all out with eggs and Easter baskets for the kids…leaving meeeee off the hook this year – sigh of relief! We’re dealing with some fallout though between the boys, one of which was not on board with splitting the money finds 50/50, but such is life and its tough (tough!) lessons.


We’re starting our full week of spring break tomorrow, kicking it off by going hog wild at a playdate, then running errands at Target, and possibly finishing it up with a chocolate milk bender.

Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2012

Hope you have a happy Halloween! It’ll be our chilliest trick-or-treating experience ever, but we’re glad for the good fortune of even getting out tonight. Much like Irene of last year, Sandy didn’t reach inland NC. So be of calm heart my California friends that sent concerned texts and phone calls! Our thoughts go out those recovering from devastation and loss and also to all aid and rescue workers.

And this little Olivia…a very cute, albeit unlikely companion to my two ninjas don’t you think? As my kids have always been of the headstrong sort, I figured this would be the one year to foist my Halloween vision of a costume onto Mara. The oppression! I commissioned the talented Miranda to make an infant version of her popular Olivia the Pig costume. If you’re already thinking ahead to 2013, Miranda booked up pretty quickly around September and October FYI.

Where you go, I will too

October 7, 2012

If you follow other Mormon bloggers, you may have caught an obligatory post or tweet that something called General Conference happened this weekend. I’m going to mention the same (smiley face) only because a wonderful change in church policy had been announced in which the age females could serve a mission is now 19, lowered from 21. Church leaders had previously said that the 21-years-of-age requirement was an effort to keep the number of women serving missions down. I personally found this limiting to women in the church, not to mention troubling since there is much emphasis on marrying off young. But upon hearing the announcement, I felt tears in my eyes because this means Mara has the choice to serve a mission sooner, just as her brothers may choose. It also means that church leaders finally realize that a larger female representation in the mission field is of importance and value. My hope is that the church is listening. Change is slow, but it’s happening.

Summer Days Marching By

August 2, 2012

Earlier this week we piled in a car along with Ryan’s parents visiting from California and day-tripped to Asheville, a very pretty city that reminded me of San Luis (which, incidentally, I gush about in a recent guest post for Molly at My Favorite Things). Lucky us, some crazy-crowded street fair was going on, and I have a tendency towards irritability with crowds, heat, and guys roaring out judgements and condemnations through a bull horn. But does any of that even matter when you get to enjoy a giant DONUT?