In Celebration of All Things Yellow

August 23, 2008

Yes, that last pic is urine. Because Kai went pee in the potty today for the first time. Ever. I almost cried. Then, I almost cried again when Dax knocked over the full potty seat.

But it was incredible seeing Kai feel so accomplished and proud of himself. He was beaming and so full of pride, he didn’t ask for any of the treats we’ve been bribing him with all month (lollies, jellybeans, and, um…Chuck E. Cheese).

Update: Kai went again today, Saturday. While exciting, it is also frightening. Just the realization at how fast he’s growing up. He’s also been so conversational as of late; “I like this song, mommy!” or “That makes Jesus very happy in the temple!” Wow. To think he was a little baby in my arms not even three years ago. I’m getting teary-eyed now…

Lovahhhhh Cookies

August 21, 2008

Once upon a time — okay, a year ago, *ahem* — I sucked at baking. Truly, truly sucked, in a major sort of way. Ryan would get visibly nervous as I bust out the flour, and sugar, and measuring cups. “Uhhh, Jenn, you sure you want to be doing that?” But since becoming a mother, I’ve honed my domestic skills and sort of rule the kitchen. On a good day.

Look at me, I’m miss bakey-bakey, muffin-top lady!

Anyways, the reason I’m writing this post is because “chochi-chip kookies” is like love tonic for Kai; give him a fresh-baked cookie, and all is well and swell. There’s just such a warm, happy feeling as we sit at the table, chomping away on our “sfecial treets” and making funny faces at each other. I really hope I’m creating some positive childhood memories for him, and so glad that I gave baking another go. I dream to one day conquer pie. But just thinking about buttery flour and rolling pins gives me anxiety.

A subdued Kai post-cookie. And a thankful Dax for taming his bro.

I love our town

August 13, 2008

Poor Kai-Guy. This week, he moved into a new bed, gave up his pacifier, started potty-training, and developed an ear-infection. Life has taken a toll on my son, and by 4:30 pm today, my home was anything but a heaven on earth. So I said, “You know what? Let’s get out of here,” grabbed my bag, keys, kids and headed out the door, not sure where we were headed. All I knew was that we were in dire need of fresh air and some sugar-therapy. So we ended up here:

The lovely Ventura Harbor.
Where we successfully tracked down a bakery I’ve been wanting to try.

Le Petit Cafe Bakery.

Ginourmous double chocolate cookie for Kai…

…and tirimisu for me.
Sugar is happiness and makes everything better. ‘Nuff said.

Stood Up By Himself for a Split-Second Today!

August 11, 2008

The Breaking Point

August 11, 2008

(Ryan reached his yesterday with our untidy abode.)

I felt amused — and slightly bad, but mostly amused — when Ryan last night said in a huff, “The place is too dirty!” and started vacuuming.

Vacuum lines in the carpet — fabulous!

So here it is ladies, proof that the home can get messy enough to inspire your man to take action. Trick is to wait out the housework, just wait it out…