Minecraft Invitation Download

March 17, 2014

Free Minecraft Invitation

Since it’s St. Patty’s Day, I thought I’d finally share the boys’ birthday party invitation, with green being the common denominator here (see how I tied those two things together?).


I found a Creeper illustration online and created a vector/high-res version in Illustrator. You can design and print your own 5″x7″ invitation as a PDF file (I left the white area blank for you to fill in) or use the graphic below (click on image to open high-res file).

Minecraft Creeper Face

And, tadaaaaa. Presenting this years kindergarten leprechaun trap. Not sure what’s more tragic — that I didn’t save the first trap we built  years ago, or that we encourage children to imprison jaunty fairytale creatures.

Leprechaun Trap

Gift Tag Printable and Wood Star Charm DIY

November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving week was a doozy in that I came down with the vilest, most tenacious flu of my life. As if running a 102° temperature for days wasn’t enough to contend with, my husband was gone — GONE! — for work. So it was just me, my little cocoon of feverish misery, and three kids to take care of. It was awful with a capital, bolded, underlined A, especially since poor Mara also had the flu and needed to be held and cuddled for most of her waking hours. Fortunately, her case was mild and she bounced back after a matter of days. +1 for nursing! I, however, am STILL recovering and have been on bedrest for much of the week. I think I’ve been operating on too little sleep and too much stress for so long, my body just threw in the towel at the slightest whiff of illness and said “Done! Quitting temporarily!”

With that said, I came on just to quickly share my latest project I worked on for Dotcoms for Moms (which I had finished before I came down with the plague of 2012). Click over to download printable gift tags and for super easy instructions on adding wooden star charms to your gift wrap. And lastly, forgive me for getting all stranger-bossypants on you, but avoid needless suffering and get your flu shot!

Free iPhone Wallpaper Downloads

May 31, 2012

Over at Dotcoms For Moms, I share these free iPhone wallpaper downloads. (The first is an Edith Wharton quote from her poem Vesalius in Zante.)

Also, DFM announced today a new DIY contest! Each month, crafters and DIYers are proposed a project challenge and asked to upload a picture for a chance at winning some great prizes. Visit the DIY Dare page to enter this month’s challenge.

Lastly, I have a slew of neat roundups at Dotcoms For Moms I’ve been meaning to share here:
Free Kids’ Printables | Fun, Easy Food Ideas | Shift Dresses Under $75 | and more at my contributor page.

Hope you have a great weekend! Mine is sure to fly by with Ryan’s birthday, lunch with girl friends, and (sob!) the Game of Thrones Season finale. There will be a hole in my heart until season 3 begins!

Less than a month away (and teensy giveaway)

January 19, 2012

Even though Valentine’s Day isn’t as impressive of a holiday as Christmas and New Years, I’m determined to not let this one sneak up on me as the last two did! I came up with a cute idea for Kai’s class Valentines and pitched the idea to him. Thankfully, he’s on board (and not asking for something Transformers themed like last year) so we’ll be working on that soon. No last-minute scrambling/crafting here, no sir-ree!

Now, let’s discuss romance films. There are very, VERY few romance/chick flicks I’m able to tolerate. My short list of favorites reads Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet (Baz Luhrman version), pretty much anything Audrey Hepburn, The Notebook, Jane Eyre (LOVED the latest one), and…can’t think of anything else right now. Where do you stand on romance and chick flicks, and what are your favorites? Should I take Mindy Kaling’s advice and treat the genre as if it were sci-fi and enjoy by suspending all disbelief? I have an extremely low cheese threshold, so I think that’s my big hangup when it comes to anything starring Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Garner, but cheese is relative and I’m sure there are many out there who think The Notebook reeks of Gruyere!

I’ve posted these little Moulin Rouge inspired Valentines in the past, but I’m re-posting the download here for the new year.

And I actually have a couple of 24-count packs left over from my Etsy shop days that I’d like to give away if you’re interested. Just leave a comment, and I’ll pick two winners a week from now!

And congrats to Jocelyn, comment number 40 and winner of the Paper Coterie giveaway!

of scissors and felt

May 22, 2011

The few felt animal shapes in the kids’ church bag I had made sometime back was dwindling and looking pretty sad. I think we were down to just a single dolphin, a cloud, and a sun. I thought some geometric shapes would be fun and encourage some abstract design, so I cut out simple triangles and made a couple of felt boards for the boys’ laps.

Then I got to thinking that robot shapes would also be fun. And a lot cheaper than those magnetic sets I see at places like Cost Plus. Though those are really cute, too.

Here is a template you can download if you’d like to make some felt shapes for your little ones (although I enjoy the triangles myself). I’ll forewarn you, however, trimming out the robot pieces gets tedious. I modified the file from my original design, hoping it’ll make the cutting process a bit easier. A pair of small, sharp scissors helps too.

(As a kind reminder, all downloads are strictly for personal use only. Thank you!)