Everything minus the dolls

August 2, 2010

Getting ready for General Conference, hooray!

March 30, 2010

In Primary last Sunday, we handed out church leader flashcards to the children as an Easter gift, and also to get them thinking about the upcoming General Conference.

These were really easy to make, mainly because you can download high-res, print-quality photos of all the church leaders here. So awesome. The backside of the photos are printed with the leaders’ names. I then drilled (like literally, drove a hand powerdrill through 40+ sets of cards) a hole in the corner, and bound each set with ribbon when I ran out of book rings. Which apparently, are nearly impossible to find in my part of the United States.

Now, this would be the part where I say click here to download, but unfortunately, the church has strict usage rights on its copyrighted material so I can’t share my doc. But its very simple to put together. You just have to download the pictures (15 total), resize to about business-card size (I laid mine out in Illustrator), print, cut out, then bind with ribbon or book rings.

I am so looking forward to conference! Is it bad to have “favorites”? I can’t help having Elder Bednar as mine!

It’s 2am, why don’t I make a shirt?

February 26, 2010

A copy-cat shirt at that…

Original on left by Mary Meyer. One day, I’d like to own one of her lovely pieces, especially a scarf. But alas, I have children to raise and a food storage supply that needs updating. Priorities. Hence my home-made version using fabric paint and a $3 Old Navy top.

Some like it hot

February 14, 2010

For Ryan this Valentine’s Day, I sewed a burlap pouch, stenciled it, and filled it with spicy things because he loves spice. Something I enjoy reminding him on those days I’m cranky, feisty, and totally copping an attitude. The drama makes for an interesting marriage, I say!

Silent Night

December 24, 2009


Have you heard Ryan’s piano arrangement of Silent Night yet? If not, you can listen and download here. I promise it is very beautiful.

And how fun is wrapping gifts? Being surrounded by paper, trimmings, and a good pair of scissors is my happy place.