Week of Weeks

October 6, 2011

I absolutely feel like crashing right now, but since my blog doubles as personal journal, I just had to quickly visually document our week. Good news is that Kai should have his cast off in two weeks which is before his birthday, before Halloween (a huge concern for him), and before the baby arrives (gigantic concern for me). Then he can go back to what got him in trouble in the first place; attempting bike tricks and worrisome speeds. But this time he’ll have elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, shin guards…whatever to keep him from breaking another bone. A little crazy? Yes. But is my child crazier? Yes.

And I’ll be posting an easy kids’ Halloween craft soon. Once I find some energy, blessed energy.

(Also wanted to throw in the link to the new Future Islands album. So much good music happening. Fall is the best.)

Hungry Like the Wolf

August 10, 2011

Peach and crème fraîche pie, fried pickles (amazing), and chocolate frozen custard atop of cherry Italian ice. Gone are the days I couldn’t keep even a glass of water down!


August 3, 2011

My bed and I are reunited after being separated by the country for a whole month. Yeah! Graduating from the air mattress and getting to sleep with my million pillows (instead of the Pillow Pets we stole from the kids) is such a luxury. Ryan and I made a pact to never complain about our mattress again.

And speaking of luxury, why are hot dogs + relish so good to me right now? It’s funny that when I was pregnant with the boys, I had a wicked sweet tooth, but with this baby it’s been all about salty, sour, aaand…water retention. She’s kicking right now as I’m writing this and wants queso dip.

These Came Out Yummy

October 8, 2009


Today is a lazy, sick, pho-craving day for me. I was hoping Kai would go down for a nap so I could too, but I still hear him pulling toys out and making airplane sound effects. Guess our lunch of sugary, mini-pizookies wasn’t such a great idea. But wouldn’t this be a great idea for a party? I just spooned cookie dough into muffin cups, placed cups onto cookie sheet, underbaked slightly, then topped off with a scoop of ice cream. Would get extra style points with sprinkles on top.

Shop Update and Giveaway!

October 7, 2009



I celebrated the completion (for now) of my store by indulging in cupcakes from Vanilla Bake Shop that Raya picked up from LA. Not only are they “Mmmm! Ishes!” as Dax would say, but their mini cupcakes will compel you clap your hands and say yay.

And. This is the most awkward segue ever. But now I’m going to tell you to enter the giveaway for my goods at Simple Blueprint: two winners, any item in my store for your choosing. Good luck, and huge thanks to Joanna for being a kind host!