Sponsored Post: DIY Animal Magnets and Astrobrights Paper Giveaway

April 2, 2014

DIY Kid Animal Faces

This month, I’ve partnered up with Astrobrights paper to bring you a fun kids craft and an awesome giveaway! The lucky winner will receive a generous package of Astrobrights paper in 26 attention-getting shades and also a $50 gift card to Office Depot. I’ve been using Astrobrights papers for years (literally — since my college job at the campus print shop over a decade ago) and is my go-to paper for projects and print jobs that need to pop and stand out.

To enter giveaway, just leave a comment at the end of this post sharing how you would use Astrobrights paper to color your world! Giveaway closes Friday, April 11th at 12 midnight PST. Good luck!

Instructions for DIY project below…

Astrobrights Paper

Astrobrights paper
Self-adhesive magnets (I used a magnet strip that I cut down)
Glue stick
Various round objects (such as a glass or spice jar) for tracing

DIY Kid Animal Face

Step 1: Cut out photos of your children in the shape of a circle. Mine were about 2″ in diameter.

Step 2: Cut a circle out from cardboard, same size as the photo. Glue photo to cardboard.

Step 3: To make a lion’s mane, cut out two circles (each circle larger than your child’s photo) in contrasting colors. Cut an opening so the photo can peek through. Fringe the edges and glue mane pieces together, then attach to photo.

Step 4: Add ears and whiskers.

Step 5: Lastly, attach magnet to backside. You’re finished! My kids thought these were silly and giggled at their masked faces!

DIY Kid Animal Face

DIY Kid Face Animal Magnets

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Update: Congrats to Marty, comment #2, on winning the gift pack from Astrobrights! Thank you all for reading here and participating in the giveaway!

Random.org Winner Result

Minecraft Invitation Download

March 17, 2014

Free Minecraft Invitation

Since it’s St. Patty’s Day, I thought I’d finally share the boys’ birthday party invitation, with green being the common denominator here (see how I tied those two things together?).


I found a Creeper illustration online and created a vector/high-res version in Illustrator. You can design and print your own 5″x7″ invitation as a PDF file (I left the white area blank for you to fill in) or use the graphic below (click on image to open high-res file).

Minecraft Creeper Face

And, tadaaaaa. Presenting this years kindergarten leprechaun trap. Not sure what’s more tragic — that I didn’t save the first trap we built ¬†years ago, or that we encourage children to imprison jaunty fairytale creatures.

Leprechaun Trap

Minecraft 100 Day of School Project

February 28, 2014

Minecraft 100 Day of School Project

I’m coming out of winter hibernation to say hello! I’ve been keeping busy with the kids, a new job, and snow days on top of snow days.

Snow Day

Most, if not all of us parents already helped our kids with their 100th Day of School project, but I thought what my son came up with was so clever I had to share.

He really wanted to something Minecraft related — because my boys’ diet is primarily made up of all things Minecraft. We noticed that a Creeper face can be made with exactly 100 squares, or pixels.

So with a paper cutter, I cut out a bunch of 1″ squares (mostly shades of green with some black for the Creeper’s eyes and mouth) and drew a 10″x10″ grid¬†onto a sheet of posterboard. To make the project even easier for my son (and faster, for me), I affixed double-sided tape to the backside of each square, and stuck them to the backing of a used sticker sheet so he could just peel off the squares and attach to the poster board. With a pencil, I lightly shaded in the squares that made up the mouth and nose so he’d know exactly where to place the black paper squares. I mean, pixels. The prep work I did ahead of time was worth it — Dax spent maybe 10 minutes putting it all together and his beloved poster was hung up right away after bringing it back home from school.

Back in November, the boys had a Minecraft-themed birthday party. I’m aiming to share their invitation as a free printable soon!

Mini Treehouse and Shadowbox

July 17, 2013

Mini Treehouse

One of my July projects for Hellobee was this mini treehouse and peg doll set. I admit it may look a little on the sparse side, but I was going for simple so it can double as a display shadowbox when not in use. And my youngest son played with it non-stop for a few days (before moving on to a new set of Legos, naturally) but what can I say? My kids are used to playing with recycled items and whatever cardboard creations I throw their way, especially finding fun when adding in their own action figures, cars, and funny dialogue.

Full instructions can be found here!

Mini Treehouse

Sparklers! and July Projects

July 7, 2013


Since it’s too late to greet you with a happy 4th, I’ll wish you a happy July instead! The celebratory month that sees the birth of our nation and incidentally, the founding of Chipotle as I’ve just learned today.

Below are some early previews of projects I completed this weekend. I love working on children’s crafts. There’s a lot of latitude in how cutesy a project can get as long as it’s intended for kids.

And after years and years of wanting to do something with this vintage sideboard that I literally found on the side of the road, I rescued it from its sad state by giving it a makeover. I didn’t think to take a before picture with the doors and drawers, but I think you can easily tell it needed a good dose of TLC. We’re really happy with it and I’ve received lots of compliments from the kids on my painting skills.

sideboard makeover