I Liked His Answer

March 23, 2009

D’s first official word!

January 28, 2009

(translation = Elsa = our poor cat that the boys love too much)

Naptime Rebellion

January 25, 2009

From inside his room, Kai screams, “I’m not going to nap! I’m not going to nap!”
(and goes on — ignored — for five minutes)

But then follows up, chanting:

“Never give up! Never give up!…
I’m not going to nap!”

Free-spirited with a tendency towards anarchism =
future leader (is what I tell myself).

the accidental comedian

January 24, 2009

Don’t children have the best comedic timing? The most obscene things come out of their little mouths at the most inappropriate times. We weren’t even five minutes into the lesson during Kai’s first day in Primary (church Sunday school for children) before he began yelling, and I mean, truly yelling, “I don’t want to get baptized! I don’t WANT to get baptized!”

Our newest mantra around here: “Do NOT. Let Kai. See you. Laugh.”

“It’s been way too quiet the past ten minutes. What’s going on in there?”

January 10, 2009

All over the closet door.
Painted on.
With a giant lint-roller.