Lazy Day Art

June 27, 2013

Paper Art

Only three weeks into summer break, and I’m already running out of activities for the kids. Help! We have some road trips planned for later this summer, but we’ve done nearly everything there is to do locally short of playing in the trees (saving that for my birthday!) and I’ve also exhausted anything of interest to the boys on my ‘potential activities to do with the kids’ Pinterest board.

A lazy day at home and bored (eg. messy and cranky) kids spurred me to think of an easy craft with a satisfying payout, because projects with a longer prep and clean-up time than the actual project itself are a complete buzz kill. Painting with the kids, for example, equals…panic attack!!! Or is that just me?

Paper Art

But paper! Yes. Cut into tidy geometric shapes with a paper cutter and paper punch. That is something I can handle while my toddler tears apart the kitchen (typically Tupperware, cooking utensils, and occassionally a bag of marshmallows because of big bro’s forgetfulness). Armed with glue sticks, glue dots, and these cute inspirational postcards that came with my latest Birchbox package, the boys set to work designing their own cities out of the shapes I prepared for them.

Paper Art

Paper Art

I find that my kids are more invested and engaged in their projects if they have an example to loosely follow and be inspired by.

Paper Art

Paper Art

Paper Art

I think their artwork turned out awesome. They must have thought so too because they’d stop and admire their work every so often.


And not at all related, but three necklaces, stickers down her arm AND pigtails warrants pictorial evidence. My heart explodes.

Winter’s been a long time passing

March 31, 2013


Can’t possibly be any happier to find Easter eggs filled with candy and money.



Can’t possibly be any more thrilled to stop for a photo.


As Kai would put it, Easter weekend was epic (his word du jour). Grandma Kirk visited from California earlier this week, followed by a visit from Lola and Lolo who went all out with eggs and Easter baskets for the kids…leaving meeeee off the hook this year – sigh of relief! We’re dealing with some fallout though between the boys, one of which was not on board with splitting the money finds 50/50, but such is life and its tough (tough!) lessons.


We’re starting our full week of spring break tomorrow, kicking it off by going hog wild at a playdate, then running errands at Target, and possibly finishing it up with a chocolate milk bender.

DIY Cardboard Planet Play Shelves

March 26, 2013

DIY Mountain Shelf

Via Pinterest, I stumbled on a new favorite craft blog, Pysselbolaget, which has a tutorial on these fabulous cardboard shelves. After Kai made his mountain shelf from an old shoebox, I thought the boys might like some planet ones too.


After tracing a plate onto the flat backside (or bottom) of a box, I cut out the “planet” shape with a pair of scissors, keeping part of the sides attached for stability. Dax pointed out how it resembles a couch!


We then blended a bit of black and white acrylic paint together, but didn’t mix too thoroughly so that we’d have a marbled, textured gray to paint our moon with. Then I let Dax go to town with the paint. Finally, we added in some dark spots and craters to make it a little more realistic and familiar for our lunar astronaut (we had extras from Danyelle’s brilliant astronaut Valentines we put together for classmates this year).

DIY Moon Shelf

DIY Planet Shelf

When unused, the shelves nest together nicely for storage.

DIY Cardboard Shelves

Playing and Making

January 20, 2013

Keeping busy this month by playing in puddles…

…making art… {idea for dragon}

…and programming video games. His first!

No rush, guys

December 21, 2012

I’ve been feeling especially anxious lately (haven’t we all) to preserve their innocence. Locking them in a protective bubble of safety sounds better and better each day. Can’t they hold hands, play hide-and-seek, and jump and play with abandon…forever? Kai is the opposite of me and gets horrified at the idea of an eternal youth. “But mom. I wouldn’t get to learn how to drive.” Good point son, good point. I sometimes forget that growing up is fun and has a lot of perks, too.