Sponsored Post: DIY Animal Magnets and Astrobrights Paper Giveaway

April 2, 2014

DIY Kid Animal Faces

This month, I’ve partnered up with Astrobrights paper to bring you a fun kids craft and an awesome giveaway! The lucky winner will receive a generous package of Astrobrights paper in 26 attention-getting shades and also a $50 gift card to Office Depot. I’ve been using Astrobrights papers for years (literally — since my college job at the campus print shop over a decade ago) and is my go-to paper for projects and print jobs that need to pop and stand out.

To enter giveaway, just leave a comment at the end of this post sharing how you would use Astrobrights paper to color your world! Giveaway closes Friday, April 11th at 12 midnight PST. Good luck!

Instructions for DIY project below…

Astrobrights Paper

Astrobrights paper
Self-adhesive magnets (I used a magnet strip that I cut down)
Glue stick
Various round objects (such as a glass or spice jar) for tracing

DIY Kid Animal Face

Step 1: Cut out photos of your children in the shape of a circle. Mine were about 2″ in diameter.

Step 2: Cut a circle out from cardboard, same size as the photo. Glue photo to cardboard.

Step 3: To make a lion’s mane, cut out two circles (each circle larger than your child’s photo) in contrasting colors. Cut an opening so the photo can peek through. Fringe the edges and glue mane pieces together, then attach to photo.

Step 4: Add ears and whiskers.

Step 5: Lastly, attach magnet to backside. You’re finished! My kids thought these were silly and giggled at their masked faces!

DIY Kid Animal Face

DIY Kid Face Animal Magnets

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Update: Congrats to Marty, comment #2, on winning the gift pack from Astrobrights! Thank you all for reading here and participating in the giveaway!

Random.org Winner Result

Happy Halloween!

November 1, 2013




Among other happenings this month, we celebrated both boys’ birthdays (a combined Minecraft and Lego Chima party with 10+ boys), I began a new part-time design job that I just love (which also means our first foray into daycare/school — slightly nerve-racking and heartbreaking), and started watching some show called Breaking Bad. Have you heard of it?

We finished off October with an Alice-in-Zombieland-with-Wolverine-to-the-rescue family theme for Halloween. My very large Hat with a capital ‘H’ will knock out anyone within a 5-mile radius, but it is the maddest and raddest. As for loot, the kids made out good as usual, but are still detoxing 24 hours later from candy overload (as usual). And doesn’t Mara make the cutest little Alice? I’m still dying over her Olivia costume from last year.

Now on to things crafty; I have some big projects I’ll be sharing soon! Here are some purposefully-cryptic images as a teaser.


Flowers and Then Some for Mother’s Day

May 17, 2013





We spent a little bit of time last Sunday visiting the botanical gardens at UNC Charlotte. It was so special being surrounded by flora and fauna, accompanied by my most favorite people in the world. I had been sick most of that weekend and was getting especially sick of being cooped up indoors while the weather was beach-like and California-like. My bug let up just enough to get out and view some orchids, exotic succulents and peculiar plants. The boys loved the responsive ferns which are kind of like the plant version of fainting goats.

Winter’s been a long time passing

March 31, 2013


Can’t possibly be any happier to find Easter eggs filled with candy and money.



Can’t possibly be any more thrilled to stop for a photo.


As Kai would put it, Easter weekend was epic (his word du jour). Grandma Kirk visited from California earlier this week, followed by a visit from Lola and Lolo who went all out with eggs and Easter baskets for the kids…leaving meeeee off the hook this year – sigh of relief! We’re dealing with some fallout though between the boys, one of which was not on board with splitting the money finds 50/50, but such is life and its tough (tough!) lessons.


We’re starting our full week of spring break tomorrow, kicking it off by going hog wild at a playdate, then running errands at Target, and possibly finishing it up with a chocolate milk bender.

Playing and Making

January 20, 2013

Keeping busy this month by playing in puddles…

…making art… {idea for dragon}

…and programming video games. His first!