July 4th Push and Pull Parade

July 5, 2008

Content little boys.

If you look at the top of the image, you can see the crowds extending
all the way down Main Street.

Catching candy.

Blisters in the making.

Thanks Auntie Josie for the wagon! The boys love it.

A little silliness before the pre-lunch meltdown.

Our Daddyless Maiden Voyage

July 2, 2008

Three kids. Two hour+ car drive. Two mommies. Whew!

Today, my friend Kristen and I trekked out to visit our good friend Amy and her son in Tehachapi. Kai has a history of losing his lunch on longish car rides (and that’s only in my friends’ cars, hehe, *weak laughter*), this trip being no exception. Hence the nekkidness below:

Windows down to keep it smelling fresh.

At Amy’s small mansion roomy abode, we lunched, played, harvested some lettuce off their farm (Kristen and Amy’s husband take credit for the dirty work), and caught up on each other’s lives, interspersed with the usual sarcastic banter. Amy was a great host — she made sure to buy us nitrite/nitrate-free meat (because food is our “thing”) and we made sure to pick up our crumbs (because cleanliness is her “thing”). See what makes us friends? Good times, good times. Before we knew it, it was farewell for another ? weeks.

On the ride back home, us mommies enjoyed about twenty five minutes of peace and quiet from all three kids.


So yeah, next time we do this, I’ll make sure that 1) Kai sits in the middle, 2) I don’t offer him a bazillion snacks during the ride, and 3) Try some ginger concoction for his sensitive tummy.

But wish us Kirks luck, because next Saturday is our 10-hour mother of a car ride up to Tahoe for vacay time with my family. Road trip, yeah! WHOO! (*more weak, nervous laughter*)

Sticker Shock and Breastfeeding PSA

July 1, 2008

Not that this is of real interest to anyone, but at the store last night, I was floored — just floored! — at how much the “special” formula for Dax was (we’re quitting the organic soy stuff because of this and this).

Not cheap.

If colostrum is supposed to be “liquid gold,” then formula is its equally expensive, but synthetic (and stinkier) sister.

The reason I chose to start supplementing was to A) get respite from the 8+ feedings happening all day and all night and, B) feed the hungry fella who always seemed unsatisfied. But after pricing things out, I realize our monthly formula costs would be enough to send Kai to preschool — respite enough for me, but neither one being an option for us right now.

Soooo…can someone kindly tell me where I can get my hands on some fenugreek? Because BF’ing is looking like the right way to go.

June Saturday

June 29, 2008

Driving to…

…then walking to…

…the Boone Children’s Gallery at LACMA.

Checking out the kid-art.

Building forts while mommy crafted away at a table…

…making this girly girli-ness.

Playing “Earthquake while watching TV in bed” with daddy.

Dax in a box.


Hungering and telling us it’s time for the afternoon nap.

Tugging at the ears. Yep, definitely tired.

I’m itching to go back to look at the art collections, but you can only push two boys past their scheduled naptimes so far. Three-hour chunks of time, that’s what we got to work with!

Kiss Minimalism Goodbye

June 25, 2008

Looking at all the crap necessities I packed today, one would think I was going camping instead of a quick jog to the park.

Stuffed to the max

All you soon-to-be-moms-of-two, get ready:

- wipes
- diapers
- Kleenex
- burpcloth
- sun hat
- picnic blanket
- sunblock
- band-aids
- snacks for you
- snacks for the kids
- bottle
- formula
- toys
- camera

And yes. I said the F-word (formula). So much for being AP mama extraordinaire, but we started supplementing with formula a couple weeks ago, and believe you me, everyone is so much happier for it.