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June 3, 2008


Happy Birthday Ryan!

June 2, 2008



This is Ryan.

He is absolutely the smartest, funniest, wittiest person I know (with good looks to boot). He enjoys simple pleasures in life, such as cupcakes, hot sauce, and stalking seldom-seen Lotus cars on the road.

But he also dreams big. He amazes me with his creative mind and constant quest to do everything better. It’s because of this “restlessness” Ryan has always been an intellectual star, excelling in academics, music, and life.

With a natural tendency to love, respond patiently, and easily forgive, Ryan is the best husband and father anyone can ask for. Happy, happy 27th birthday, Ryan. I love you so much. The boys love you so much.

Now let’s eat some cake!

Ummm, this is sort of kinda gross

May 31, 2008


Just an FYI for all you nursing moms: a quick lookup on Wikipedia for ‘lanolin’ reveals that it comes from sheep. Greasy, oily, woolly sheep. There’s no denying that this stuff works miracles, but I think I’ll stop using it on my lips.

Sleep: A Crucial Component to Maintaining Spirituality

May 31, 2008


(Yeahhhhh, I know. Another sleep post… Bear with me.)

Two years and a second baby later, I find history repeating itself. Except this time, I was driven out of the bedroom by a fussing baby and a snoring husband.

But I was pondering the other day at how being tired all the time affects me spiritually. For starters, all I want to eat when I’m exhausted are refined carbs. Especially baked goodies. And donuts. Mmmmmm. Worst of all, a craving for coffee would creep up on me (I drank coffee almost every day before I joined the church). A craving not to be indulged, of course—I’ve got more self-discipline than that!. But a yucky feeling comes over you when you’re not eating right and adhering to the “moderation in all things” precept that is the Word of Wisdom.

Secondly, when my sleep-deprivation is especially compounded, I get a little blue. And what better way to cheer yourself up than some online worldly coveting and retail therapy?!

Third, I totally drag in the mornings after a rough night. And the longer it takes me to leave the house, the faster (and ruder) I drive.

And lastly, scripture study is downright tedious when you’re fighting to keep your eyes open.

So there you have it. Prophets and church leaders aren’t kidding when they extoll the virtues of “early to bed, early to rise.” Except in my case, I don’t have much of a choice when I go to bed or when I wake up. I just hang on to the hope that this is a passing phase, lest I become an overweight, caffeine-wired mama who runs over dogs and schlepps around a huge, ugly Herm├Ęs Birkin bag.

When Little Boys Craft

May 29, 2008

Note the missing heads.