Environmental Print

October 14, 2008

Neat idea on encouraging literacy:

What I like is how this can be easily tailored to children of any age. I think with Kai, we can focus on simple objects that all begin with the same letter. And I bet he’ll get a kick out of “sticking” things.

{via swissmiss}

July 4th Push and Pull Parade

July 5, 2008

Content little boys.

If you look at the top of the image, you can see the crowds extending
all the way down Main Street.

Catching candy.

Blisters in the making.

Thanks Auntie Josie for the wagon! The boys love it.

A little silliness before the pre-lunch meltdown.

Latest Music Find

May 31, 2008

They’re called Islands. And they’re very cool.

Kai and Friends – A Photo Slideshow

May 2, 2008

Kai loves seeing photos of himself and his friends, so I put this together. Check your audio if you want to enjoy some Postal Service goodness.

Workin’ them Boots

April 1, 2008



Sort of.

Gee, lookit those hampers full of clothes in the background. Nice.