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June 6, 2013

When I received a gorgeous holiday card in the mail from a dear friend of mine, I was impressed with the printing and paper quality and later learned that she had sent her custom design to Vistaprint. Makes perfect sense since I’ve been referring my design clients (a couple samples of some recent work below) to Vistaprint for flyer, business card, and brochure printing for years, and they’ve always been happy with the consistent quality and quick turnaround time. Visit Vistaprint Coupon Codes for great deals on Vistaprint products.

Ambrosia Creative Design

Magic Wallet

May 29, 2013

DIY Magic Wallet

DIY Magic Wallet

DIY Magic Wallet

Over Memorial Day weekend, I put together a couple of magic wallets for the boys. As a kid, I remember being fascinated at the mysterious way a piece of paper would transfer to the other side of the wallet upon opening it back up.

I found my instructions for the wallet at Mini Eco. Our only modification was covering the backside with a few strips of duct tape.

DIY Magic Wallet

And speaking of fun and easy projects, the folks over at Kiwi Crate (we did a crate review earlier this year) sent over a couple of coupon codes, both good until June 3rd!

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Bud Vase DIY for Project Wedding

May 27, 2013

DIY Bud Vase Souvenir

DIY Bud Vase Souvenir

You can find my instructions for these little bud vases over at Project Wedding!

DIY Bud Vase Wedding Souvenir

DIY Moon Clock for Hellobee

May 23, 2013

DIY Moon Clock

DIY Moon Clock

DIY Moon Clock

I shared this easy moon clock tutorial at Hellobee. Follow the link for instructions!

Flowers and Then Some for Mother’s Day

May 17, 2013





We spent a little bit of time last Sunday visiting the botanical gardens at UNC Charlotte. It was so special being surrounded by flora and fauna, accompanied by my most favorite people in the world. I had been sick most of that weekend and was getting especially sick of being cooped up indoors while the weather was beach-like and California-like. My bug let up just enough to get out and view some orchids, exotic succulents and peculiar plants. The boys loved the responsive ferns which are kind of like the plant version of fainting goats.