Cardboard Robots

May 13, 2013

Cardboard Robots

Our cardboard robots may be a little funny-looking but the boys had a blast putting them together! I cut out some strips and squares from cardboard boxes, then stacked the pieces together to drill holes through, added some duct-tape robot features (I used Mer’s method to easily cut out duct-tape shapes), and let the kids go at it with some metal brad fasteners (make sure you get the long kind, about 1/2″).

Cardboard Robots


Cardboard Robots

Cardboard Robots

So Pretty! Felt Book Review and Giveaway

May 9, 2013



Chronicle Books recently published So Pretty! Felt, a DIY book by author Amy Palanjian and contributing crafters. I was sent a copy of this beautiful book to review and Chronicle kindly wants to offer a copy to one of my readers too!

If you love working with felt and are comfortable with sewing (or hand-stitching at a minimum) you would be excited to thumb through these fabulous projects with step-by-step instructions. Just last night, I put together an easy geometric felt bunting for the boys’ room and will be tackling the modern table runner above next!


You can purchase So Pretty! Felt from AmazonBarnes & NobleIndieBound, or  Chronicle Books. To win a copy, leave a comment below. Giveaway ends next Thursday, May 16, after which I’ll contact the winner via email. Below are more reviews and book giveaways:

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Earth Day Play

April 24, 2013

earth playdough

earth day fun

A little after the fact, but Happy Earth Day! We’ve been enjoying our cooler-than-usual spring and feeling the sun our skin as we’ve finally retired our winter coats and are spending more and more time outdoors.

During spring break a couple weeks ago, we did a fun little exercise on the layers of the Earth using play dough, and on Earth Day, I let the kids have a run on my cardboard and container stash — or trash, as Dax put it!

cardboard masks

This Mother Earth of ours has been sustaining life for millennia but we’re learning more and more of its vulnerabilities. Being just a cog in an impossibly complex system of consumerism, capitalism and unsustainable practices, I wonder if the small (and rather passive) “eco-conscious” habits we’ve employed (bringing bags to stores, unplugging unused electronics, limiting beef consumption, etc.) really even matter. Especially when I live in a region where a car is a must and I *ahem* shop at Walmart occasionally. But collectively, we’ve made this planet what it is presently and perhaps collectively we can reverse, or in the very least, slow down the negative trend and damage done to our home. Awareness is a good start, and I hope I’m successfully passing that on to my children so they can pass it on to theirs!

Woven Felt Bracelets

April 15, 2013

DIY Woven Felt Bracelets

I recently shared this quick kid’s DIY at Less Than Perfect Parents!

Project Wedding Contributions

April 4, 2013

Paper Wreath

Graphic Table Numbers

DIY Gold Leaf Tray


Check out a few of my Project Wedding DIYs!
Paper Monogram Wreath | Graphic Table Numbers | Metallic Gold Leaf Tray