Move Over Brange!

February 23, 2009

Humor me. Just humor me, okay?

So I quickly (and thus, very badly) Photoshopped these two images together while Kai watched Curious George this afternoon. I love the RPatz. I love her. And in my mind, they make the perfect couple (pale, tall, brooding, can actually pass for vampires…) Visually, I wanted to see if it would work, hence my photo manip. In conclusion, I think I am a good matchmaker.

Sorry Natalie.

And I am the hugest. Dork in the world.

Oh yes we did.

February 21, 2009

Are you excited about the Oscars? I am. Enough to drive down to LA on Saturday and shove our way through the crowds at the Kodak Theater just to glimpse the red carpet. For what it’s worth, we did kid stuff too, like the Page Museum at the La Brea Tar pits and a Disney Hall drive-by. Though Kai was vocal about not wanting to leave all the Oscar hoopla. That’s my boy.

And our timing was right, because…

We saw Tim Gunn! I love Tim Gunn and all his Gunn-isms. I wanted to yell “We miss Project Runway! Make it work!!” but didn’t. Because that’s just dumb. And I felt bad enough gawking at him and taking his pic. Look how he scowls at us.

Kumon Workbooks

February 19, 2009

I recently discovered these great educational Kumon workbooks at Target. Kai and I give them a two-thumbs up and a high-five.

Pre-dinnertime crazies? This is how we do.

February 19, 2009

Around 5pm most days is our dance-off pants-off (if you’re Kai.) Because I say “No thanks” to cooking dinner while unhappy little people swarm about me in the kitchen.

In our current music repertoire:

Animal Collective
{video via Ashley at Bird on the Lawn}

Tilly and the Wall. Kai loves this video. LOVES.
{via My Yellow Balloon}

And if you like indie pop/electronica, check out Ms. John Soda and The Notwist.

Dark, Beautiful, Asian and Famous

February 19, 2009

(Overlooking the rumor that Slumdog’s Frieda Pinto may be a husband ditcher), I am thrilled to see dark-skinned Asians rising in the media. Padma Lakshmi as the new spokesperson for Pantene? This is good. This is progress. And inspiration for people to quit Eskinol already!